Tuesday, 3 November 2009

You might be a Montessori mom if...

I saw this post over at Walk Beside Me and What Did we do all day? and wanted to add some of my own.

So here goes. You might be a Montessori mom if...

You look at your recycling bin and only see "materials"

When you see more than two of something you automatically think sorting activity!

You're constantly chanting the mantra "process not product"even when your child isn't around

You ask for a laminator for your birthday!(guilty)

You have all of your friends and relatives trained in Montessori gift giving.

and finally

You find you have no cupboard or shelf space left for regular household items!


Mari-Ann said...

Yup, I'm a montessori mama! Fun list and oh so true!

Just found your blog via Montessori Mama and I can see I'm going to enjoy looking around!

I too fell in love with the Montessori method after I had my son. We do lots of fun things during the week and I incorporate Montessori activities whenever I can.

Take care,

Karen said...

So true!!! that's me!!!!lol!!, please stop by to my blog to accept and award I gave you!!!


Leptir said...

That's me! :-)))

Evenspor said...

*thumbs up*

I already had a laminator, so I got a printer for my birthday instead. :o

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