Monday, 24 May 2010

Some of what we've been up to

After taking a small blogging break I'm back and ready to post.  It helps that the weather hasn't been very good so we've been doing more indoor activities.
One rainy day I filled these glasses with water and tuned them to the first five notes of L's xylophone.  L is really big into do, re, me etc from The Sound of Music.  Once she experimented with playing the glasses we matched do on the xylophone with do on the glasses as well as the other notes.  We talked about higher and lower pitches and I played a few tunes on the glasses for her.

I bought these pony beads to do some math activities and L asked to sort them.  Talk about a never ending task!  She stuck with it for quite a while.
After covering living/non-living and plants and animals we've moved on to classifying birds, insects and reptiles.  We talk about the different characteristics of each group and then she sorts them.
L has also been helping out a lot around the house.  Especially in the garden.  These two pics are switched around but here she is helping Granny put some clippings in the compost.  I have to say that L officially knows more about gardening than I do now!

Stay tuned for some more indoor activities and my upcoming giveaway!



this girl is brilliant! I guess she gets it from her mama!

Mari-Ann said...

Oh this is too funny - would you believe on Saturday we did the musical scale with glasses of water too?! I swear we are on the same wavelength more often than not! :) Any chance you're spinning your own yarn, too?

Mari-Ann said...
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