Tuesday, 17 August 2010


L has reached an age where she really enjoys playing games.  Here are a few that have been keeping her entertained.
Digging for objects I've hidden in some sand in her pail and then matching them with the correct word.  (yes I accidentally put hen down twice!) I got the idea for this one from Montessori for Learning.
 Counting the garden.  Always fun.  I drew small pictures of different things in our garden and then we went around together.  L counted and I wrote down the number beside the picture.
 The rhyming game.  I saw this on The Activity Mom and knew I could quickly whip up one of my own.  I used pictures, words that L can read and larger words that I had to read.  The object of the game is when you get a card that rhymes you put a penny on the happy face.  When it doesn't rhyme you put one on the sad face.  We play until all of the faces are covered.  At first L didn't really get this but by the second time she was understanding and enjoying!
 Go Fish.  We just started playing this last week and L can't get enough of it.  She always asks "can we play goldfish?"  I used the number cards from a game we have called Phase 10.  At the moment we are using four cards of each number from one to seven and each player gets five cards to start.   You get rid of any pairs and then ask another player if they have a card that matches one of yours.  If they don't they say "go fish" and you have to pick a card from the ones in the middle.  The first player to get rid of all of their cards wins.  This game is so fantastic for number recognition and I could imagine making up your own number cards in the shape of fish!
What I like best about all of these games is you can whip them up in very little time and they cost virtually nothing to make!


Olives and Pickles said...

great ideas!!Thanks for sharing

Leptir said...

Thanks! You always have wonderful ideas :-)

Montessori For Learning said...

Oooooh! I love the outdoor twist! Thanks so much!

Victoria said...

Digging in the sand and matching objects to the words looks like great fun, we will have to try that soon, before the ground freezes here in Northern Finland. Make the most of the sunshine!

Thank you for the wonderful activity ideas.


Leptir said...

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