Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Habitat Game

We recently borrowed a video on habitats from the library.  It was really well made, upbeat and engaging and there were even little quizzes after each segment which L enjoyed.  It gave me the idea to make this habitat game.
Such a simple concept but really effective in learning about and discussing different habitats.  I used five different coloured pieces of card stock to make the habitats and then put labels on them.  I printed out different animals from Google images for each habitat onto card stock.

I made up a bunch of different cards which say things like:
Place an animal in the tundra habitat
Place an animal in its habitat
Which is the only continent that doesn't have a grassland habitat?
What are two types of water habitat?
It's a fun way to learn and talk about different characteristics of habitats and their inhabitants.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I've been looking for a second hand shelf to store Baby J's toys on in his work space.  Finally I found a cute little cubicle shelf at a charity shop for $3!  It will work perfectly for the time being.  I brought it home and put it in his workspace but........
before i could even wipe it down a family of gnomes had moved in!!!!

I opened the door and they were all trying to hide in there!
I thought it was so cute I told them (and L ) they could stay for a couple of days.
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