Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hunting for Fossils

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful family day searching for fossils.  Vancouver Island has many places which are perfect for amature fossil hunters.  We equipped ourselves with hammers, picks, buckets and of course a lovely picnic lunch.
 The weather was gorgeous.
 These two fossil hunters took their work very seriously.
 In the end we were successful and found what we think are two trilobites!!

A wonderful day was had by all.  Even when L fell into one of the pools and had to wear Daddy's top as a dress while her clothes dried!
After our finds we have gotten the fossil hunters bug and hope to go out hunting again soon.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

First Finger Knitting

L and I learned how to finger knit today.  We watched this video on Youtube together and then she tried it out herself with this wool I'd been saving for ages for just this occasion.
L caught on pretty quickly and I just had to keep reminding her to start pulling off at her pinky each time.

I sat with her and helped along the whole way and she ended up making this bracelet.  She was so proud and decided she wanted to make something else.  I told her to go and ask Granny if she had any extra wool.  Well L hit the jackpot there.  She came up with a HUGE bag of wool scraps!

L ended up choosing this cheerful yellow to make a headband with.  Once again I helped and encouraged her.

I'm so happy that L is now able to finger knit and that she enjoys it as much as I'd hoped she would.  I think it will take a few more sessions before she is ready to do the whole thing on her own but she is well on her way!
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