Saturday, 8 August 2009


I knew it was inevitable and it's finally happened. We were all having a great time doing hand, foot and then body tracing and I was trying to get some pictures. Then daddy made a hat for L which she colored. Once again me trying to snap pics. I was all poised and ready to get the great hat pic and daddy asked if I could get him another piece of tape. I excitedly ripped the tape off in one hand, camera in the other and it happened.

The camera went flying and hit the floor with a great crash. I think one of the lenses broke or something and that's it. No more camera. I was devastated. So now I have to convince my husband that we desperately need another one and will have to forgo getting some other things I was wanting for a while. This might even have to be an early birthday present for me (but I really want a laminater!) : (
You don't realise how important a camera is with a child until you don't have one. It's like loosing part of your body!

Anyway, no more pics for a while until we can get a new one. Hope nothing too exciting happens in the meantime! :)


Montessori Moments said...

Oh, that is too bad!
The same thing happened to me a few years ago just after I had bought a new camera.
I wish money grew on tree!

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Matie, my commisserations! Yes a camera is so great to get all the special moments.

My partner has ours for 10 days and even during that time I pine for one.

I am getting my own for my birthday - and one that does not take 30 sec to click after I have pushed the button!!!

The good news it that there are a lot of specials on at the moment - some by a few hundred dollars. So prob better to get now before they all go up again. Well that is the case in Aus anyway.

Adventures in Montessori said...

We got the canon powershot D10 it is waterproof to 33ft and shock proof to 10ft. That way if we drop it it should still work. I hope...

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