Friday, 12 March 2010

The Good, the bad and the ugly

Okay I'll start with the good. My back is finally starting to get better! Yeah! After three months of relative inactivity today I actually was able to grocery shop with my family. I'm not 100% yet but definitely going in the right direction. I spent the last three months watching people of all ages walk, run and bend down with ease. Something I used to take for granted. I just want to say to all of those people out there who take walking for granted like I used to do to just take a moment to realise what you have and to be thankful.

The other good news is that my husband found a job!(finally) Which also brings me to the bad news. Well kind of anyway. He has to train for six weeks in a city that is two and a half hours away. This is bad enough but he also is taking the laptop with him!!! This is seriously cramping my blogging style! The weekends will be the only time I will be able to post anything with pictures.

Now for the ugly....Wednesday was the first day in three months that I've been left alone with L all day. My mom had been in Palm Springs for the past two weeks and was coming home that night. Hubby was away training. Of course I took on too much trying to get the house clean for my mom's arrival. As I'm sure many of you can relate to this was like taking two steps forward one step back with L.
It was mostly just tidying and sorting things out which L couldn't really help me with. She decided she wanted to do baking and took all of the bowls out of the cupboard. I thought cool that will keep her busy pretending to stir and pour from bowl to bowl and I got on with my chores. About 10 minutes later I went to check on her to find that no she wasn't pretending. She'd got the flour shaker out of the cupboard as well and there was flour EVERYWHERE!!
I hadn't vacuumed in three months and now had no option. Okay so we got that all cleaned up and I still had a lot to do.
L decided to play with her little wooden train. Cool I thought. Can't get into much trouble doing that. Ha ha. After a few minutes I got down on the floor to do my back exercises and L asked if she could drive her train on the glass TV stand. Sure I said. As I was down on the floor I noticed that there were tons of marks on the glass. With further inspection I realised it was wax! Unbelievable L had opened a little jar candle my mom had which was really soft and decided to drive the train and all the cars in it. They and the TV stand were covered in it!! It took me the next half hour to wipe the trains and TV stand off.
Basically the whole day continued like this and by the end I was ready to drop. And I was so desperate to be able to look after L on my own again. Ha ha ha ha


T.J. said...

So glad to hear your back is feeling better! Hmm, as far as the other news, let's see... how about: sending you happy, clam vibes for future days? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds stressful! Well, kudos to you for not plopping her down in front of the TV!

I'm glad your back is better!

Making of a Montessori Mum said...

LOL! I know, evil to laugh at a day like that. L sounds like a great explorer and adventurer! (: I must admit reading about holding a vacuum cleaner sent shivers up my spine - a job I avoid as long as possible. And luckily have managed to convince my hubby he is way better at vacuuming than me so have not had to do for a few weeks. (:

So glad your back is getting better, but dont overdo it hun. Take time - you will get there in the end.

Big bloggy kisses.

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