Saturday, 20 March 2010

Not much to tell...

Well this week has been a little skimpy on anything too interesting. L and I have both had bad colds and haven't really been doing too much. We have done quite a few practical life things like cutting up and serving cantaloupe and washing the car. We also had a wonderful playdate with one of the children from the Montessori school L will be attending and his mother. I can't wait for her to be able to socialize with all the children in the fall she is soo ready.

Now spring is here L is helping Granny in the garden and we are starting to plan what we are going to plant in the vegetable garden. This is a good thing because today we were walking on the board walk along the beach and I asked L what she thought it was made of. She said wood so I asked her where she thought wood came from. "The wood store" was her reply. Hmmmm Vegetable garden is definitely the next thing on my list.


Cheok-Co-Late said...

Greetings from Singapore! I've recently stumbled upon your blog and am loving what im reading. Im also a homeschooling montessori mama to my 31month old boy. I would like to link your blog to mine. May i? :)

Anonymous said...

The wood store... ahhh, I love it. :) A veggie garden will be awesome! I'm so glad you're beginning to find friends from the Montessori school!

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