Sunday, 4 July 2010


The last little while L has been mostly playing outside and we have been enjoying the summer.  We have managed to fit in some activities along the way.

L is still sounding out simple words.  This is a game we play where I write the word on a piece of Post It note and L has to decode it and the stick it onto the animal it belongs to.  Of course the part L enjoys most is the sticking part.

L also enjoys doing these cvc eggs .  A lot of them she doesn't  bother to read the whole word and just guesses by the first letter sound.  Of course this only works for her until she has two words that start with the same letter.  Once she starts this activity she always wants to go through all of the colors of eggs.
Another exciting way to read is to pull the words out of an egg and match them to drawings that Mummy made.
L has also been experimenting with writing letters on her chalkboard.  We take out a few of her sandpaper letters and she first traces them with her fingers and then tries to write them.  She was so proud when she first wrote her name.
Burning off some energy.  I wrote some numbers onto the stepping stones and then called them out for L to find and jump on.
and of course cleaning the toilet!



L is starting to look so much older now! She seems to really enjoy the wonderful projects you set up for her-- what a bright girl. Love it.

My Butterfly Nest said...

I LOVE the matching activities you've created... They seem fairly easy to put together, too. Can't wait to try them :)

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