Thursday, 29 July 2010

Early green thumb and the crappy side of Montessori!

I am so lucky that my mom has been able to share her love of gardening with L.  In the spring the two of them planted their little vegetable garden with peas, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes,broccoli, cauliflower and two strawberry plants.
This has been such an amazing learning experience on so many levels. 
L can see how plants grow and produce food.
She learns to tend and take care of plants.
She learns the patience of waiting until something is completely ripe before picking it and eating it. 
Every morning after breakfast L checks the garden to see what is ripe and ready for the picking.  Lately it's been peas which she picks and we all eat from the shells.
Yesterday it was the prized strawberry she's been checking on for weeks.  She was soo proud and savoured every last bite!
Today she came into my bed(I was lucky enough to have a lie in)and woke me up showing me her very first teeny tiny carrot that was shaped like an L.

Next year L and her granny have even bigger plans and will be researching ways to keep slugs and other pests away from their prized plants!

*Warning talk of poo coming up*

With it being summer all of us have been enjoying all of the wonderful fresh fruit.  Especially L.  This has lead as you can imagine to some seriously soft bowel movements! The other day L had an accident in her underwear so my mom took her to the bathroom.  While L was on her little toilet my mom rinsed out her underwear first in the toilet, then in the sink and hung them over the bathtub to dry.
Well my little Montessori girl watched the whole thing with wide eyes.  Next day at around the same time L was in the bathroom and all was quite.  I went to check on her to find her underwear hanging on the side of the bathtub again.  I asked her what she'd done and she said " I had an accident so I washed them in the toilet then hung them up"
Yikes! What can you say to that!! The next day it happened again and I realised I'd better nip this new not so desirable activity in the bud.  We've cut down a bit on the fruit and go to the toilet together at "poo" time now!

Another cute little poo story.  L always likes to sit on her little toilet and read books while she's doing her business.  The other day she told my mom she was going to do a poo.  She sat down on her toilet and said" I'm just going to read my Poocock book" not realising her slip.  A second later she did realise what she said and fell about on the floor in a state of giggles.  So did my mom!


Elle Belles Bows said...

That really made me smile. That is so funny that she turned it in to a task! Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia Dyer said...

Ah, the amazing powers of observation possessed by the very young.

Thanks for sharing this story. : )

Sandy said...

I have an award for you. See

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