Thursday, 9 September 2010

Orange you glad we're not on blue week!

This Friday we had our Orange meal in our Rainbow Eating Adventure.
We started off with lentils which are called red lentils but as all can plainly see they're orange!
This led to some interesting discussion.
L peeled the sweet potatoes or yams as they're called here.
We don't have a completely orange table cloth so we used this African one my sister brought back from her travels. It was so much better because it has elephants and rhinos and other animals on it!!
We were happy to have Daddy join us for this meal, especially since he is such a huge carnivore!!
We dined on lentils, sweet potato, carrot (pita bread for dipping)and orange juice to drink.
For dessert we had mango and nectarines. Yummy! We were also going to have cantaloupe but when I cut into it unfortunately it was rotten : (

L helped to cut the nectarines which led to her first cutting incident.  It was my fault really as I gave her one of our new knives which are super sharp.  She just shaved a small piece of skin off her index finger and there was "blood" which is always exciting and called for a band aid(even more exciting).  Once the band aid was on she was as good as new.
This meal was fun but not quite as much of a success as the red one.  L loves lentils but like me she's not a fan of the sweet potato.  At least we both tried it.
We're looking forward to our yellow meal next week.

If you'd like to participate in the Rainbow Eating Adventure you can link up your posts over at Sunbeams and Sanity.
Happy Eating!

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The girl who painted trees said...

Loving these colored meals. So cheerful. Bear would probably not eat lentils though. Bear hasn't cut herself yet but I have plenty of times. I'm sure somewhere along the line every one who cooks must cut themselves, no? However, I am very glad that she only did minor damage and nothing serious:)

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