Sunday, 12 September 2010


This week was yellow in our Rainbow Eating Adventure and it was the perfect color to brighten up a dreary, rainy Sunday.
L helped to husk the corn on the cob. Yum!  She also helped to crack and whisk up the eggs for our scrambled eggs.
Even my mom's friends are getting into the spirit lending us this fab yellow table cloth and napkins.
The new thing we tried was polenta.  It wasn't our favorite but at least we both tried it.  When we were grocery shopping L insisted on yellow tomatoes.
For dessert we had custard and bananas.  One of my favorites.  L took one bite and declared she doesn't like custard.  I've decided I have an odd kiddo who always chooses fruit and vegetables over anything else.  She ended up just eating a banana.  Granny was happy to eat her custard!

This trying out new things backfired on me last night when L and her daddy were eating some olives(which I can't stand).  L asked if I would like to try one and I said no thank you.  She says "well you have to at least try it"  Arg  what can I say to that when I use that on her all of the time!  So I tried to look enthusiastic as I gave it a small nibble and then tried to suppress a large gag! 
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Olives and Pickles said...

I can't beleive you don't like olives!!...They are su Thank you for sharing this cool meal with us.

Anonymous said...

You pulled off that theme amazingly! So much yellow.
I struggle with the trying things too. I don't eat red meat, or much meat at all for that matter, but require my girls to at least try it. We call it our "no thank you bite". But I have no idea what I would do if she ever turned it around on me! I haven't eaten red meat in 20 years...could be interesting!

Sunbeams and Sanity said...

I love that! L is so onto it and gorgeous! I love hearing her little sayings and comments.

We have to post still on the yellow - was a bit mellow for us, but will post anyway.


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