Monday, 1 November 2010

3rd Birthday Celebrations part 2

There is a group of local young people in our community that have started an African marimba band.  They play at local events and family dances.  We went to see them last March and since then L has been besotted.
We have to go and see them every time they play, she always talk about them and pretends to play the marimba.
So we decided to try and make her one of her own.  My wonderful husband found some plans for a small xylophone on the Internet and spent hours in the garage creating it.

 Here is the finished product.
 L couldn't believe her eyes when she removed the cover.  She had to have a go and then another and another.
We also made a marimba cake for her.  I melted some dark chocolate into tin foil molds and then cut the cake in the shape of the marimba.  I used black licorice for the little key holders.
 The best part was that we actually managed to get the marimba band to play for her party!!  It was a surprise and L was in awe when they came to the door and started setting up.
My heart nearly burst when all the children were dancing and playing instruments and my little L was playing her marimba alongside her idols.
Now that my husband has the hang of it he's hoping to make one of the marimbas in the front of the picture for Christmas.  I can't wait!!


Olives and Pickles said...

What a fun time!! I love the band part..I can imagine the kids dancing and having lots of fun..beautiful moment!Good mama!!

Elle Belles Bows said...

The cake is just way too cute and original and just adore the idea of the band too. How great for the children to be inspired to dance while listening to beautiful music. Wonderful party! Kerri

Mommy Moment said...

What an amazing theme!
I think it is wonderful. Thank-you very much for sharing.

Joyful Learner said...

What a talented family you have! My husband works in construction and I can't get him to make anything! love the cake!

Smith said...

love this!! could you share what pattern your husband used for the xylophone?

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