Monday, 12 October 2009

Happy Birthday Giveaway!!

In honor of both L's and my birthday this month I'm going to do my first giveaway!
The 1000 Stickers book was such a hit with us that I went back to TK Max and amazingly was able to find another one. So one of you lucky readers will soon be able to stick to your hearts delight!

All I ask in return is that you tell me in a few lines how you would describe the Montessori Method to friends, family and anyone else who knows nothing about it. If you read this blog and are just learning about Montessori just tell me what got you interested in it. I will read all of the comments on Friday and either make a decision or try the random number generator if there are too many good ones!


My Boys' Teacher said...

I would say:

The Montessori Method a special way to treat children that is a little different than is traditional. It can be difficult to describe because it includes all of the activities in the child's day, not just what an adult would consider "learning." It recognizes that the child's play is the child's work and that above any other thing, children want to spend their time doing "real things" and doing as much for themselves as they can. It also recognizes that children learn best when they can choose their own activities, check their own work, use all of their five senses, and make their own discoveries. It is also based on the idea that children have special times in their development when they are most interested and able to learn certain things. They should be allowed to go as far down that learning path as they can at those times, regardless of whether or not it is earlier than that thing is traditionally learned.

With these things in mind the adults prepare the child's environment (whether that be home, school or both) so that everything is accessible and that materials are available to spark their interest and allow them teach themselves at the right time.

leaveittolis said...

When people ask me why Montessori, I tell them that is was my daughter's natural choice and just I followed her. My daughter has always liked to try to do things by herself and I have actively encouraged that, so I did a bit of research, found Montessori and on went the light bulb! For me Montessori provides a structure to our day, and gives my daughter the opportunity to choose what she wants to learn.

The girl who painted trees said...

I kind of do Montessori at home. I need to learn more about it, but if I were asked to explain it, I would say, it is a kind of learning style that empowers children to be independent. It allows them to go in their own direction and make many choices, all skills that are very important in life. It is a very hands-on approach that uses many manipulatives and all five senses. There are no worksheets. It is REAL, as opposed to some programs where the learning is rote and paper and pencil work.

Ixel said...

I like the Montessori method because promotes independence and gives the child a place at home that is theirs. We learn to share the space, to think about the living space with our kids, to make everything accessible to them. I also loved the introduction to art, nature and social skills to be part off their every day discoveries. Also Montessori has show me that my child has an absorbent mind, a mind that has to be nurture on their own pace.

nessabean said...

I'm still learning about montessori and I am very new to the concept. The reason I got interested in it was because there is a school in my city that is providing this type of education. I am unsatisfied with today's public school system and am looking into alternatives before my son arrives at school age. So far I love the activities and the philosophies. This may very well be the start of my son's education.

Anonymous said...

I tell my friends that Montessori is a very practical approach to education. It emphasizes independence and curiosity and a love of learning — children learn at their own pace in an environment specially designed to stimulate their progress and build their confidence.

I would LOVE to win this sticker book:) Thanks for doing a draw!

aayladomontessori said...

To me Montessori is a philosophy of viewing Children as important family and community members. They want and need to be given the environment, space and tools to learn to do things for themselves so that they can contribute to the family and community, be heard and feel pride and confidence in their worth as people in their particular cultural. Using all five senses they discover who they are and their highest potential when allowed to follow their own path, buoyed by an instilled love of learning. Who wouldn't want to explore the wonders of the world unfettered and with a passion guided by an internal flame? Yay Montessori!

Jenna said...

I like the practical life aspect of Montessori. The self esteem it builds is amazing!
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