Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Settling In

Wow, moving to another country takes tons of work and energy!! It's been almost two weeks now and honestly I'm exhausted. L is starting to calm down but she is still pretty much all over the place. We have some semblance of a routine but with so many new things and people and a dog!! she's still over stimulated. Although she has her Montessori shelves set up her concentration isn't enough yet to do many activities. We've been doing lots of puzzles, music(yeah I have a piano now),and the great thing about living with my mom is TONS of practical life.
The other day L helped my mom clean the bathroom and cleaned her own toilet, helped change the beds and vacuum. My mom also usually eats an orange every morning for breakfast and has shown L how to peel them. L loves it and is now the official peeler.

The first day we were here we heard a loud noise from my mom's closet and ran to see what L had done. Well she'd unearthed this old sweeper from the 70's and was excitedly sweeping the floor. This girl loves to clean!

My sister got her this great Melissa and Doug dressing board. Most of the things on it are quite stiff so we help her mostly with undoing things and she can do them back up.

Among other new practical life skills L is learning she also now feeds the dog her breakfast and dinner. She loves pouring in the dog food and carrying the bowl over to the dogs' mat.

So although we haven't been doing many other Montessori activities L is having a lot of "real life" experiences.


september said...

i am so happy to have found ur blog, i am just amazed abt the things u hv done with ur daughter, i to want to follow ur hope its not too son is 3 yrs now......& i bet L knows a lot more stuff than my son.
i just wanted to know ur time schedule that u follow wt L, and also if possible could u post some pic of ur Montessori everything accessible to her... if so does she not mess up wt them at other times??
and i also wanted to know how u cut the a very hard thing 4 me to do....especially circles.i know its a very hard time 4 u rt now wt all the moving & jet lag nd do take ur time...
thanks in advance... & keep up the gd work!!!

Anne said...

So glad to see you made it! Is L's new dog friend a heeler? She sort of looks like my dog, Rosie. :) That vacuum looks awesome, too!

Mari-Ann said...

So glad you've been settling in! You're right, moving to another country IS hard work - I've done it 4 times, so I can completely sympathize with you. Sounds like you're making things very comfortable for L, which imo is most important. :)

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