Thursday, 4 February 2010

The water cycle

When I decided to make a terrarium with L I also used the opportunity to introduce her to the basics of the water cycle. Before we made the terrarium I made up this little activity out of felt. In this picture I've put everything on at once.
We started by putting on the rain cloud and made it rain making a puddle(and sang It's raining it's pouring). Then the sun came out and little droplets started to evaporate up into the sky forming a cloud. When they had all evaporated the cloud turned dark again and the rain fell. I also added a flower where each time the cycle happened we would add a part to it and make it grow. As long as your terrarium gets some sunlight the same thing should happen inside. Once we put the plants in and sealed it the sides gradually became foggy as water droplets formed on the inside of the glass. Eventually when enough water accumulated and they were heavy enough the droplets fell making rain. We didn't see this part but in the morning the sides of the container were clear again. Our mini eco-system in a jar.
I also want to say that L is only 2 and is mainly interested in the doing bits and not as much in the appreciation bits ! This is a project and a concept that we will visit again many times over I'm sure. I for one love peeking at the little fairy sleeping peacefully between the ferns.


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

What a great idea! I can see how your daughter might not be ready to fully appreciate all the aspects of this but a great reason to revisit the idea often - each visit she will discover something new!

Karen said...

so nice...., great, great idea!!

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