Monday, 1 November 2010

3rd Birthday Celebrations!

After long hours of preparation we finally had L's birthday and party.
I was so inspired by all the birthday decorations from the Childhood Magic blog that I wanted to make some for L's birthday.
Here is the felt birthday banner.  I love it and we'll be able to use it every year!
 My mom and I made pennants out of the left over pieces of felt and I made some Waldorf window stars to make the place look more festive.
 The spread.  I make a point to only give L healthy food and birthdays are no exception. 
 The birthday crown.  My mom and I spent ages making this felt crown which represents the four seasons and L refused to wear it.  Typical.  At least we have it now and hopefully she'll be more into it next year : )

 Some time last week I realised that I nothing prepared for all of the children to do.  Yikes! In a panic I put together this crown decorating table.
 Fabric painting which will make up a gift for L
 and bracelet making.
The kids managed to make a complete and thorough mess of it all but had a fab time!


Leptir said...

Everything looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Olives and Pickles said...

I love the banners!!You made beautiful stuff!!

Nicole said...

Love the crown! And don't worry - she WILL wear it eventually. Short Pants has had one since he was 3 and *finally* wore it this year when he turned 5. ;)

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love it all! Great job! Kerri

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