Monday, 17 January 2011

Streams and Vines board game

L loves to play games or do activities after dinner and before bed.  I've been wanting to do a variation on Snakes and Ladders for ages and after seeing one in the store for $19.00!! I was spurred on to finally create it.
Our version is called Streams and Vines( including one waterfall).  The little girls(cut out from a cute Christmas card)have to make their way home, sometimes getting a shortcut by climbing the vines and other times getting a setback by flowing down the stream or if they're really unlucky falling down the waterfall!
 I wanted to make up a game for L to practice her counting but also added the element of some cards for her to practice her reading as well.  The cards say things like "Get on a frog and hop back three spots" , " Get a ride on the bird to the nest" or "Move up 4 spots".
This game was so simple to make and the best part was it was totally free!!  I just painted a piece of cardboard, cut some paper up for the cards, used a frog, needle felted bird and die we already had and recycled the little girls from an old Christmas card.  L loves it and after the first couple of games has got the hang of it.


huana said...

Great idea,creativ and cheap.Love it.Have to make one (or more?) by my self!

Nicole said...

Great idea!

Mommy Moment said...

Such a creative idea. You should win an award for your creativity!

Hope you are staying warm on your end of Canada, we're freezing here at -45 with the wind chill...brrr.

Drinking tea and reading may favorite blogs, couldn't be happier!

Lisa C said...

I totally love LOVE this. Can I steal your idea for my little boy? Although he's just getting the hang of Candyland, not sure he'd really get it.

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