Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cloud Gazing

We've been learning about clouds.  I had this wonderful vision of L and I lying on our backs in a grassy field gazing at the clouds with the sun on our faces.
Hahaha.  So far we've had two days that didn't involve the oppressive blanket of stratus clouds!
We really are hoping that our summer will start soon!

For our cloud study we first used some classified cards on the four main types of clouds, Cumulus, Cirrus, Stratus and Nimbostratus.  I have to say a huge thank you to my bloggy friend Aude over at My Montessori Preschool.  She did a wonderful unit on clouds earlier in the year which you can read about here.  She was generous enough to send me the file for these great classified cards. (Also a huge thanks for the wonderful things she sent for my Europe continent box, gotta love the people you meet in the blogsphere!).

Here are the cards.  There are two pictures of every type of cloud.  On the one with no label I put the definition on the back.

L made up a cloud book using cotton balls.  I printed up the labels and she cut them out and stuck them on.  She had a blast making this book.

Rain cloud experiment.  We also got this from My Montessori Preschool.  The purpose is to slowly add drops of water to the cotton ball 'cloud' and see how much it will hold before it starts to rain.  L did this three times in a row.
 We also tried making a cloud in a bottle which we both agreed was a fail.  I found some instructions on the Internet but we weren't impressed with the results.

Although we know stratus clouds really well now I'm looking forward to the days when we can name the other clouds and predict the weather.  


The Guilletots said...

Thanks for your kind words About A Girl... Your little one surely looks like she is enjoying the activity.. The kids in my classroom were fascinated. So I will definitely do it again this year with all my newcomers!! xx

Mommy Moment said...

What a fun work. I think we'll try the water dropper/cotton ball one soon!


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