Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hunting for Fossils

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful family day searching for fossils.  Vancouver Island has many places which are perfect for amature fossil hunters.  We equipped ourselves with hammers, picks, buckets and of course a lovely picnic lunch.
 The weather was gorgeous.
 These two fossil hunters took their work very seriously.
 In the end we were successful and found what we think are two trilobites!!

A wonderful day was had by all.  Even when L fell into one of the pools and had to wear Daddy's top as a dress while her clothes dried!
After our finds we have gotten the fossil hunters bug and hope to go out hunting again soon.


Kylie said...

So fun....I must look more closely for areas here we can do that. We just cheated and bought a cool fossil kit over the weekend. I'm now on the lookout for some great fossil books for kids :-)

Anonymous said...

My boys loved to hunt for fossils when we lived in FL. These might be useful; it is created by a Montessori trained guy. The matching of fossils to previous living creature is really a challenge sometimes. But if she is into it, I don't think it will be unsurmountable.

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