Thursday, 2 February 2012

Money Work

L has been saving her coins in her piggy bank for ages now and we decided it was time to roll them so she could take them to the bank.  L gets spare coins from us and also gets to keep the money from helping to return the bottles to the bottle depot.
The last time we did this L just helped to sort the coins and put them in the rollers.  This time we added all the steps and also turned it into a lesson about money.

First step.  Sort the coins.  Turns out we had quite a few American coins as well so we had to talk about the difference and the fact that our banks will take American coins(although I'm pretty sure it doesn't work the other way around!)

While we were doing this we looked at the Canadian coin sheet I printed out and talked about the names of the coins and what was on each one.
Once we had finished sorting L found each of the coins to match the amounts I wrote out on another piece of paper and we talked about how much each coin was worth.

 We started with the pennies.  I made this sheet for her with columns in tens to help her count out the 50 pennies needed to go into the roller.

 The most rewarding part.  Putting the pennies into the roller.  She was so proud that she'd done it all herself this time!  She then moved on to the dimes and used the same sheet for $5.00 this time.
We didn't get through all of the coins so we will continue this work another day and then L will take all of her rolled coin to the bank to deposit into her account.  She knows we use this money to pay for dancing, skating and swimming lessons and for skiing.  I think it's great that she is learning to contribute to pay for the things she likes to do.

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