Monday, 12 November 2012

Montessori weaning table and chair

At five and a half months Baby J was more than ready to eat solid food.  For a few weeks before he started we had him sitting up at the table at dinner time to be part of the family.  He watched intently at all of us bringing the food to our mouths and made chewing movements with his mouth.
One thing I've been really excited about trying out with Baby J is his Montessori weaning table and chair.  My husband cut the legs down on a side table we had from Ikea and he made the chair out of some wood from an old shelf.  It always helps to have a handy husband!
We use the table usually for breakfast and lunch when it's just the two of us and he eats at the big table with the rest of the family for dinner.
Here he is having his breakfast.  We use real china for all of his dishes as well as little metal spoons.  He has his own little glass and pitcher as well.  Sometimes he likes to have his own spoon and other times he just enjoys helping me move the spoon to his mouth to get the food and then lets go so I can get another spoonful.
Looking at this picture the only plastic on this table is the cup holding my morning smoothie! Eventually Baby J will be able to get to his table himself and we will have his dishes and place mat on a nearby shelf for him to set his own place. Check out The Full Montessori to see the weaning table and chair in action.


Anonymous said...

Just precious!! :) He's growing up so fast, where does time go? What a great set-up you have for him. And yes, handy husbands are the best!

Inhaling Hope said...

We haven't started solids yet, but I love the set up you have. By the way baby J is too cute for words!!

Andrea Kuntze said...

Looks great! What is the height of the seat and the height of the table please?

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