Sunday, 3 February 2013

Our Montessori Infant Environment

Okay here is the new environment I've set up in our home for the two infants 9 and 12 months.  This space is also shared with L.   It is simple and spacious and easy to keep "order".  

 Starting on the left I have set up a little cozy reading area with pillows and a quilt.  We sit here to read books or the babies can choose their own books from the little brown basket.  Baby J also does his works on the quilt at the moment as he is not quite mobile.  Next is the pull up bar.  My husband made this for us.  It is 45cm high.  We have tucked the left support under the couch for more stability.  I am hoping to also get a mirror to go behind it.  
In the middle is the eating area.  This was Baby J's table from the kitchen and my husband made another chair for Sweetpea.  I used four foam play mats to protect the carpet.  Beside that is a little stool I use when the babies eat their meals.  As I mentioned above this space is also shared with L.  She has her desk there that she uses for crafts, writing and other activities.  The lowest box on the shelves is also hers for her craft supplies.  
Moving on are the shelves which hold all of the works.  There are 9 spaces and I usually have one work in each space.  This is actually a lot of choice but as there are two infants of very different ages there are works for both their stages. I will be doing another post on all of the works on the shelves in detail.  On the top of the shelves are L's globe, marimba and pan pipes.
An up close view of the eating area.  The picture is at eye level and will be changed every month.  We also use place mats at every meal.  I will also be doing a post on how the meals go.

Of course the environment will be constantly tweaked and updated as the infants needs change.


Kylie said...

I love your space! Great job creating it. I especially love the pull-up bar. My little gal is just starting to try and pull herself up on stuff. I would love to have something especially for that purpose :)

Olives and Pickles said...

Beautiful love every single detail!
good job mama.

Anonymous said...

I like the space you created. I have 3.5 month old twin boys and is already thinking of purchasing their weaning furniture. I am on a budget but still want something durable and beautiful. Is that theIKEA lack side table? I was thinking of buying it but was not sure if it would be too small.

Montessori Beginnings said...

Congratulations on your twins! The table that I used as the weaning table is an Ikea table with the legs cut down so it is at a more suitable height.

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