Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Beach Sensory Bottles

The weather has been gorgeous lately so we've been taking advantage and heading down to the beach in the mornings.  Baby J has his nap while Sweetpea has her snack and then we play on the beach for a bit.  Luckily Sweetpea doesn't put things in her mouth any more so it's a really fun experience.
I brought down our sensory bottles to fill up with beachy things. 
Here Sweetpea is putting small stones into the bottle.  She loved to put several in and then pour them back out again.
 Once Baby J woke up he joined in on the fun.  This is the first time that he has sat on the sand and played.  He loves to put things in his mouth so I had to really keep an eye on him but he so enjoyed the sensory experience of playing with the sand, shells and pebbles.
I love this picture they look like two little mushrooms!
 Here are the bottles we made up.  Sand, shells and driftwood.
Once we got home I made up a treasure basket with the bottles, two large shells and a cool piece of drift wood.  It's wonderful to have a piece of the beach to explore even when we aren't at the beach.  The best part is when we are done with them we can just return them to the beach!


Inhaling Hope said...

Love this! I also love that you live so close to the beach! We have a few sensory bottles here, but no beachy things in ours :)

I had great dreams of letting K play in the yard while I gardened this summer. Little did I know that I would spend all my gardening time trying to keep K from eating rocks! Good to hear they eventually grow out of eating everything!!

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