Monday, 23 September 2013

Autumn Changes

Midway through August I realised that I needed to make some changes before September came along.  Although we had a wonderful summer and the weather was amazing it was also exhausting for me.
Ever since having LJ my health has just not been as good as it was before.  I had to make the excruciatingly hard decision to not take Sweetpea back this autumn.  I realised that it was just too exhausting for me and I really need to take time to work on trying to get my health back as much as I can.

So it's just going to be LJ and I again now that L is back in school.  It was very sad to say goodbye to little Sweetpea and I'm also sad about not being able to do all of the Montessori activities I had planned over the summer, however I know in the long run that I made the best decision for me and my family.

L has started Montessori elementary and so far she loves it!  I get these convoluted stories about what happens at school and it's impossible to decipher fact from fiction these days.  The other day when I picked her up she said to me " Mommy I am respectful of my clothes".    Haha not something you are going to hear from a regular grade one child I'm sure.  Now if only she'd respect them enough to not leave them all over her bedroom floor!

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Anne said...

Good for you - it is so important to take care of yourself! I hope your health improves soon. How cool that L is going to a Montessori elementary school. Please post about her experiences there sometimes!

Sending you good thoughts, friend!

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