Monday, 21 October 2013

Toddler Art

It was high time to change the art in LJ's bedroom.  I was excited to try something with both L and LJ this time.
I first found a silhouette of a frog and seahorse on Google images and printed them out.  I cut them out and traced them onto black contact paper.  Once I stuck them on the canvass I let the kids have atter.
As I was browsing the Internet I saw a brilliant idea for toddlers and painting.  Instead of having them dip the brush into the paint pot and make a huge mess the idea is to just dab drops of paint all over the canvass for them to paint.

It worked a treat and LJ really enjoyed painting the canvass with very little mess and stress for mom.

L of course chose her own colors and animal for the canvass.

After the paint had dried we peeled off the contact paper and were left with beautiful artwork!

LJ loves the new art hanging on his wall and is constantly pointing to his painting and telling me it's a frog!.


Anne said...

Oh, what a cool idea! I love how they turned out - I definitely want to try something like this with E one of these days.

Sixtine et Victoire said...

I love doing art with my daughter. It has to be one of my favorite thing in the world! The frog design looks great! I will give it a try!

angie said...

What kind of paint did you use? Love it!

Montessori Beginnings said...

Hi Angie. I just used regular acrylic craft paint.

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