Friday, 3 January 2014

On the shelves-19 months

 I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  It was very busy at our house with lots of family visiting and fun was had by all.  
I did manage to get a few works on the shelves for LJ in December.

Melissa and Doug pattern blocks. 
 I got these off of the used children's items site I belong to for a very reasonable price.  They come in a wooden box with several different wooden frames.  I just take out one at a time which has pictures on both sides.  I put it along with the shapes it needs into a basket for LJ to do.  
 Mystery Bag
Although we have been using the mystery bag for exploration for a while now we have only just started using it for stereognostic recognition.  I put an assortment of known objects into  the bag.  LJ pulls them out and names them.  He then puts them back into the bag and I ask him if he can find a certain one without looking.  He enjoys playing this game and is usually successful.
Putting Cheerios into a pill container.  
I bought a seven day pill sorter for my pills and vitamins but before I put it to use I gave it to LJ to sort Cheerios into.  He had great fun opening the sections to get the Cheerios in and out.
We even managed some Christmas themed activities.
Here is a Christmas mystery stocking with a tiny snowman, red ribbon, needle felted Christmas tree and several candy canes.  
Pushing colored pompoms through the correct hole and then retrieving them from inside the shoe box.  LJ was pretty random on when he chose to match the colors.
We did several Christmas crafts together but this one worked the best with both children.  Simply gluing tiny pompoms onto a pine cone to make Christmas trees.

 They both enjoyed this activity and they turned out nicely!


Sixtine et Victoire said...

Love the pompom activity! This is a great idea! I might try it with white pompoms to pretend it is snow since we are getting snow storms a lot lately. Now to find cones! Thank you for sharing! I am located in Eastern Canada ;)

Krystal said...

Thank you for your post. My twins have just turned 18 months and I'm running out of ideas. Love the shoe box activity. I can see them playing with this for a long time. Not expensive and quick to make.

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