Friday, 9 October 2009

A many step number and counting activity

Sometimes I get inspired by an activity idea and want to do it right away with L (without really thinking it all through). This is a case in point. The idea was to take all of the objects out of the bag, sort them and then place them into the numbered bags that I'd made but I soon realised she needed another step. So this is how it went.

Take objects out of the bag

Sort them (too funny how she put them all around the edge of the mat like she does with the puzzle pieces!)
This is the step I added. I found it was too hard for L to just recognise how many things were in each pile so we counted them and then put them by their number.

Then put them into their corresponding numbered bag. L loves this last step!

This activity has a lot of steps and I introduced each one as she completed the last one. She really seemed to like it and brought it out again the next day. She isn't 100% with the numbers yet so I sit with her and help her if she asks me.


Leptir said...

I like this activity. Thank you!

Carine said...

It's a kind of variation of cards and counters.
Good idea!
How old is your daughter? She count already?

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