Saturday, 22 August 2009

More cardboard creations

I've been picking through our recycling pile again to make these recent activities. L is big time into puzzles at the moment so I thought I'd try and make some personalised ones. This one is of her and her Dedo who lives in Macedonia. I found a four piece puzzle template here, glued the picture onto a piece of cardboard and then traced the template onto it and cut it out. It's a bit fragile (just like most of my homemade things!) but I figure it teaches her to be gentle and take care. I would like to make lots of these puzzles with her far away relatives on them but I think we'll have to get a new ink cartridge first.

I saw these pattern block mats on a blog somewhere (sorry can't remember which one) and thought I'd try them out with L. I got the templates from here. First of all I just printed them off on paper and let L try them. They were a bit too slippery so I made cardboard frames so the pieces stay in place more easily.

She especially likes the caterpillar.

As you can see because I made them myself they are not all uniform and I will have to cut down some of the shapes so they fit in the frame better.


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

they look great! Will have to have a go with my little one.

Karen said...

NIce!!! They look FANTASTIC!!! and more for free!!!!! I love it!! And your princess done a great job!!!!!! I adopted an idea from Melissa on Chasing Cheerios, and I love it, it's just to put magnetic on the back of the patern(you know that the pieces move a little bit) and with that there's no frustation!! But then she have to work in a steel tray. I'm working on my patterns when I finished them I will post them.

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