Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Nature Bugs

We got this idea from Aayla do! Montessori. It is so cool. We went to the park with our basket and collected all sorts of things to make insects out of. L can't get enough of finding things to put in her basket. We then found a picnic table and got to work. L got very excited when I got out the "glueb" and wanted more and more to stick everything together. Although she wasn't able to actually make any bugs on her own she understood the concept and asked for me to make the caterpillar on the stick.

Our creations. Daddy was a bit too ambitious with his bugs at first and kept complaining that the glue wasn't good enough. Next time I'll get a glue gun for him!!

This was so much fun for all of us that I know it will be a project we do again and again as L grows up. We took the bugs home and they're now sitting outside on our windowsill. L keeps checking to see if they've flown away!


Leptir said...

Super idea! They're looking like real giant bugs

Karen said...

Like Leptir said....Super idea!!! I love it!! I have to try with my princess... and know she will love it!!!

Thank you!!!

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