Friday, 8 January 2010

Me and My Amazing Body

We've been learning all about our bodies the last few weeks. L is fascinated. We started with this great book called Me and My Amazing Body by Joan Sweeney. It talks about the different parts of the body and how they work in a way that L can follow.

We also got this body parts game from the library. You roll the die and whatever part your counter lands on you have to point to. We kind of made up the rules as we went along, sometimes putting the counter on the girls body part instead. This would be a really simple game to make.

I printed off this skeleton puzzle from here. I'll laminate it once my laminator arrives as it's a favorite. We are keeping it simple at the moment by just learning the skull, rib cage, spine and pelvis. I'll have to look up the names of the other bones before I can teach them to L ; )

I saw this body puzzle on Chasing Cheerios quite a while ago and couldn't wait to get it. Unfortunately the only store that has them around here was sold out of girls so I got a boy. I thought I would have some explaining to do but L just dove into the puzzle and was much more interested in the muscles, and skeleton and "skin bits".

I would never have thought to introduce the workings of the body to L in such detail at such a young age but after seeing other blogs I realised it would be MY reservations holding her back and I was right. She is SO into it! She gets the book out at least three times a day and loves to talk about all the parts of her body inside and out.


Mari-Ann said...

You've inspired me to introduce James to this as well. Like you, I have been thinking he was too young for this, but maybe not... :)
The author of the Me and My Body book writes several other "Me and My..." type books - they are very useful and fun to read. We enjoy "Me & My Place in Space" - I recommend it if you decide to do a space lesson with L. :)

Montessori Moments said...

We have the book "Me on the Map" by the same author. We also have both the boy and the girl Beleduc body puzzles!
Learning about the body is so much FUN. It is amazing what they can learn so quickly. Snow White Loved learning about the parts of a hand.
Great Post!

The girl who painted trees said...

We have the girl puzzle and my daughter loves it. She is 29 months old, but she got the puzzle three months ago. I've been wanting to print out that skeleton, but alas, no printer!


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

Perfect timing for us! Little Bird has just started asking questions about the inside of bodies and these activities will be great! Thanks for all the links.

And....YAY! For your comment. Have replied and sent email. I feel exactly the same. Big bloggy hug. (:

T.J. said...

Hi There! I just stumbled upon your blog and I immediately signed up as a follower because you are just what I am looking for! I too am interested in Montessori for my little one and I adore the way you have your information organized in your sidebar. Thanks for all you do!

Karen said...

Awesome!! this kind of activities are very atractive to the little ones, you just can't imagine how concentrated they can stay.... My princess loves to work with that puzzle!! Congrats

Evenspor said...

After seeing posts like this on so many blogs, I bought the Usborne book about the body with all the lift flaps (I don't remember the title) for Beeper, and it has become a favorite. His favorite page is the digestion page. He likes to tell about how food passes through the body and becomes poop.

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