Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Color Blending

We've been talking about color blending lately and doing lots of fun activities.
The first one was the along the same idea as the butterflies using coffee filters but this time L just used two primary colors on each. (This works best if you use one color on top of the other)

Then she sprayed them and voila a new color. 
I saw this next idea on The Wonder Years ages ago.  We put a few drops of food coloring into three glasses for each primary color.  We then put one in front of the other and presto a new color appears.  This color blending stuff is just like magic!
After we were finished with the water we poured each color into two small containers and froze them.  The next day we put them together into some glass bowls with a bit of warm water and L stirred them up.  Once again the magic happened and this time it was so obvious.  You could see the two different primary colored ice cubes plus the new secondary color in the water.  Super cool and fun.  Once the ice cubes were melted L poured the water into one bowl and found it made black.

As well as using water colors to practice blending I cut out these tissue paper circles.  They are so beautiful in the sun and such an obvious example of what happens when two primary colors are put together!


Discovering Montessori said...

Love all your color mixing activities, especially the tissue paper circles. Looks like you two had a lot of fun


Another day of fun and beauty at your house!

Susan said...

You won my CSN Giveaway! I know that your email is public on your profile, but I don't use outlook so somehow I could not get it. Can you send me your email so I can forward it on to CSN?


(Chasing Marcus)

Anonymous said...

I am totally loving the coffee filter one! Did she use regular markers?

Montessori Beginnings said...

Hi Montessori Matters. She used the washable Crayola markers but I'm sure any kind would work!

erin said...

I love this activity. Thanks for the inspiration.

jojoebi said...

great post!
I will be linking. If you don't want to be featured please let me know.
The Montessori Goldmine

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