Tuesday, 4 May 2010

End of Nature Challenge

I have to admit I'm kind of glad this Children in Nature Awareness challenge has come to an end.  I'm so happy we did it and it really did make me realise how important it is to get out every day.  I'm just happy that I don't have to worry about bringing my camera everywhere and I also realised I'm a bit of a fairweather nature lover : ) I started to get a bit slack on the last week so here are some highlight pics.

This little guy was a bit more shy than our little snail.  L said ohh I better get him a nice juicy leaf!
We planted some of our garden.  I was like mommy-razi and took about a gazillion pics!(You're lucky you just got two here!hehe)
We finally got a brilliant day and headed down to the beach for a picnic.
Look at me I found a sand dollar! Bliss!


Nicole said...

mommy-razi LOL

Lisa said...

Congrats on seeing this challenge to the end. Loved your posts on this.

jojoebi said...

You have been featured on The Montessori Goldmine, please pop over and have a look, if you are not happy with the post please let me know, I will happily remove it. If you are happy, please help me spread the word, help yourself to a badge and tell all your friends. Thanks,


loved all of your nature posts!

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