Thursday, 10 June 2010

Back to Normal/Favorite Books Post

I feel so out of touch  : )
My husbands family have been visiting from Macedonia for the past ten days so I've had little to no time for the computer.
They have sadly left now so I've been able to finally compile a list of everyone's favorite books that they kindly shared when entering the giveaway.
Thank you to everyone who shared. There are so many wonderful books that are new to me which I will be looking out for at our library.

Children of the Forest, Peter in Blueberry Land- Elsa Beskow

Sam McBratney-Guess How Much I Love You -Sam McBratney

Chasing Degas- Eva Montanari

Time for Bed- Mem Fox

The Eleventh Hour- Graeme Base

I Love You Because Your You -Liza Baker

Blueberries for Sal- McClosky

Charlotte’s Web- E.B. White

Child of Earth, Child Fairie-Jane Yolen

Wild Child-Lynn Plourde

Dirt Boy-Erik Jon Slangerup

Papa, please get the moon for me-Eric Carle

Love,Splat-Rob Scotton

Zen Shorts-John J. Muth

Llama, Llama-Anna Dewdney

Little Pea and Little Hoot-Amy K. Rosenthal

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth-Douglas Wood

The Secret Staircase-Jill Barklem

My Dolly-Woodie Guthrie

Roxaboxen-Alice McLerran

Madeline and the Gypsies-Ludwig Behelmans

Geckos Go to Bed-John J. Murakami



great list. Old Turtle is amazing isn't it?

erin said...

Thanks for the list. I love finding good new reads to check out from the library. My daughter has Papa please get the moon for me memorized. I love pretty much all of Eric Carle's books.

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