Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Counting down with candles

I saw so many wonderful Christmas ideas on the Internet last year and marked some of them to try this year.
One of my favorites was an idea I saw on The Wonder Years.  She used her birthday ring to count down twelve days before Christmas.
I decided to use that idea but to count down all the days from the 1st of December.  Every night at dinner we light the correct number of candles and then go around the table and say what we are grateful for.
L loves this new tradition and always starts off the gratitude.  I'm amazed and touched by some of the things she comes up with.

We're eagerly anticipating when all of the candles are lit, even the special one in the middle!


Discovering Montessori said...

This is a wonderful idea! It is also simple enough that I could actually do this. LOL. Thank you for sharing.

Kim said...

What a great idea! I love it!

Counting Coconuts said...

Oh how precious... I can just imagine how heartwarming it is to hear what L is thankful for. We'll have to do this next year - thanks for sharing this!

Hope you all are well! *Hugs*

Leslie said...

I love this idea - so pretty! Did you make that candle in the middle? If so, how? It's beautiful!

about a girl said...

Thanks for the comments guys. We are really enjoying this new tradition. No Leslie I didn't make the one in the middle. It's just an old candle holder : )

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