Saturday, 23 April 2011

Early Spring Nature table with swap peg dolls

 Finally I have to time to spend writing the backlog of posts I've been wanting to do! I've been in Vancouver at a training course this past week.  Hopefully now things will settle down and I will get my work/life balance back!
So here is our early spring nature table.  We've had it for just over a month now and I've put all of the gorgeous little peg people I received from We Bloom Here's peg doll swap.
Many thanks to the ladies from Time to Craft, Ozarkmountain mama, Wonderfully Crazy Home, StichyCraftyMama and Kriebevel L and I love all of your wonderful creations.

My vision for this table was for all of the forest folk to gather round the little pot to witness the first signs of spring.  We planted some chia seeds in the blue pot in hopes they would grow quickly.  Well they are totally not cooperating.  So we have our poor wee folk still looking at a few little green things and mostly mud!
I'm still holding out hope!
 We've also added things that we've found on our outings and in our backyard.
We had to cut down a beautiful tree a few weeks ago because it was too close to the house so we saved a few pieces of it to put on our nature table.


Stephanie said...

So cute! I love how you put the peg people there!

Did you want to sign up for our nature tray swap? I am trying get a final count! :) Let me know!

Leptir said...

Happy Easter :-)

aayladomontessori said...

Somehow I missed this post! Love the way all the little people look basking in the sunshine!

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