Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Swiss Family Robinson

Our latest chapter book has been Swiss Family Robinson.  I found a children's version at the dollar store. Score!  There are still some bits I need to edit for L as I think there is too much talk of guns and killing but she loves the rest of it.
I told her teacher we are reading it and she has introduced L to the land and water forms so she can see what an island is.  L is totally stoked!

We also got a coconut from the grocery store to try.  Daddy drilled a hole and L drank the milk with a straw.
 He then broke it apart and we enjoyed the yummy coconut just like in Swiss Family Robinson.
 When we got to the part about them using a pulley to bring up all of their provisions into the tree I told L we would give it a try.   Not having any rope we tied some long scarves together.  L stood at the top of the landing and I tied on our provisions one by one as she pulled them up.  It was a good idea to start but after what seemed like the 100th time I was second guessing myself. LOL
 We then made our tree house at the top of the stairs.  L was the mommy and I was one of the sons along with the other stuffed animals.  She made us dinner and then put us to bed.
We have really enjoyed this book and doing activities to go along with it.  I think it is especially good as it has a drawing of what is happening on every second page so L can follow along.  There are a lot of new concepts for her to try to get her head around.
Next up is getting Daddy to show her how to make a bow and arrow!


Elle Belles Bows said...

Fantastic re-enactment of the book! Wonderful way to exercise the imagination!

Love the Dollar Store too!


Olives and Pickles said...


The girl who painted trees said...

It's great when they can play at the book. Bear loved this with Boxcar Children and Little House and she often acts out her picture books too. I never would have thought to do Swiss Family Robinson at this age!

The Guilletots said...

I love when children play "pretend"... I love listening to them. Great activities here.. and the coconut looked ssooooooo delicious... May have to go to the shop and get one too now!!

Sunbeams and Sanity said...

Gorgeous! what a great idea! Big hugs to you both!

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