Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Littlest Matryoshka

I just have to share this sweet little book that we've been reading called The Littlest Matryoshka.  It is about a set of six Matryoshka that have been lovingly crafted by a Russian doll maker and sent across the sea to a toy shop in America.  You can read more about the story and see some of the illustrations here.  This page also has some great thought provoking questions about the story.

L and I both love this story and have read it most nights before bed.  We found it at our local library and I would recommend it for all ages.

It has inspired her to get out her own set of Matryoshka to re-create the story and make up ones of her own.  I love how L plays on her own and really uses her imagination.  The other day my mom said she was playing in the sand box and chatting away when she got one of the small pails, brought it over to our dog Petra put it under her and then proceeded to pretend to milk her squirting noises and all!  My mom just about died of cuteness and the dog was a really good sport too!



The Guilletots said...

Lovely book. Must look it up on Amazon. I used to have nesting dolls until the kids got a bit rough and broke the big "sister". And I think some little hands may have snatched the 2 little sisters and put them in their pockets to go home because I never found them. I was thinking about getting another set. And if I read the story about the sisters, maybe the kids will feel more sympathetic towards them and feel that separating htme is not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I love using the Littlest Matryoshka for emerging readers. I'm glad your discriminating daughter likes it, too.

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