Friday, 22 June 2012

Munari Mobile

This time round with Baby J I wanted to try the full Montessori experience right from the beginning.  One part I was truly excited about was the series of visual infant mobiles.  You can read more about them here.  I really enjoyed making them all and it gave me something productive to do while I was pregnant.  The first one in the series is the Munari mobile.  It consists of black and white geometric shapes and a clear ball at the top.  It was tricky to make and even trickier to hang but the results are stunning!
(Warning do not try to hang this mobile when you are 38 weeks pregnant.  I was sooo frustrated, uncomfortable and sweating like a pig!)
If you would like to make this amazing mobile you can find the tutorial at the Little Red Farm blog.

Here is a picture of Baby J at only four days old and already the mobile has caught his attention.  Now at 7 weeks he loves to look at it.  About a week ago L was playing in his room and knocked it all down so I took it down.  That night he was looking at where it was supposed to be for a long time.  A few  days later I hung it back up and put him on his floor bed.  He was all smiles!

At the moment I have a mattress next to Baby J's floor bed that I sleep on at night for ease of nursing.  I slide him on to my bed to nurse and then slide him back when he's done(post to come about that).  I have a little night light that I keep on all night.  I have to admit that while he is nursing I just lie there and am mesmerised by the mobile.
Munari mobile...not just for infants!

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