Thursday, 28 June 2012

Octahedron mobile

This is the second mobile to in the Montessori series.  It is supporsed to be introduced between 5 and 8 weeks.  Baby J has two "work" areas in the house.  One in his bedroom and one in our living room.  This mobile is in our living room tied to the light fixture. I have to say this was my favourite mobile to make, probably because it's the easiest!  There is a full tutorial over at Little Red Farm.  Instead of using metalic paper I used Dollar Store gift bags which were way more economical.

As for Baby J he's not really that into this mobile.  He likes to lie with his head turned to the side all of the time so misses the mobile all together!  It's much better in his bedroom where the Munari mobile is because he can look at it in the mirror beside his bed with his head turned.  Maybe as he gets a little older he will be more inclined to look up.

Update  a week later and little Baby J is totally digging this mobile.  I lay him under it in the evening when the sun is shining on it and he just watches and smiles.  He loves it and I love watching him!


Laura Patricio said...

Nice! I have been wanting to make this mobile for the baby we are expecting for a long time and haven't yet. I will have a look at the site you mention.
Thanks for sharing. Laura

melissa said...

I'm loving the mobile inspiration, and the tutorial links are especially helpful! we're expecting a baby very soon and I'm thinking I'll start collecting mobiles as soon as I finish assembling the birth kit! :)

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