Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I set up a new activity mainly for Sweetpea this week. I cut a hole in the side of a large milk jug and popped some clothes pegs inside.  The object is to drop the clothes pegs down the top and retrieve them from the bottom to repeat. 
I introduced the activity to both Sweet pea and Baby J.  Sweet pea could do it with some concentration but the container is a bit too high for Baby J. 
Throughout the morning many things were being done with the "material" besides what it was intended for.
Bringing the clothes pegs over to the vent and trying to drop them through the slits, carrying them and dropping them all over the house, trying to eat them,
holding as many clothes pegs in your hand as possible and carrying them everywhere, dropping them in the walker waggon, trying to drink out of the milk jug.

 Baby J even managed to get one of the sensory bottles inside the milk jug!

And then just when I'd given up hope.....

With these littles the possibilities are endless!

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