Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Our day-Life with a 9 month and 13 month old

I thought I would write a post about what we do all day and our schedule.  Maybe some of you might find it interesting and I would also like to record it to look back on.

This is what a typical day looks like at our house.  Of course the times are approximate.

7:45 am  Sweetpea arrives and her mommy takes L to school.  The littles have a play and explore the shelves.  I will introduce any new activities on the shelves.
8:10  Breakfast.  I prepare breakfast while they are playing.  I tell Sweetpea it's breakfast time, pull out her chair and give her her place mat to put on the table.  She then sits down ready for breakfast.  Baby J usually squawks wherever he is and I pick him up and place him in his chair as he's just starting to move now.
8:25 Finish breakfast.  Littles wipe their table and Sweetpea gets down and goes on to play.  I help Baby J down and he plays while I clear the breakfast things.
8:40 Potty time.  Both littles on the potties reading books and playing with animals while I do a quick tidy and put things back on the shelves.
9:00 Get ready and go out for a walk in the double stroller.  Baby J usually has a nap during the walk
10:00 Return from walk.  Baby J is usually still sleeping so I wheel the stroller into the hall and take Sweetpea upstairs.
10:15 Sweetpea has a snack and then we read books and sing songs with actions.  When Baby J wakes up he has his milk.
10:45 Potty time
11:00 More play time
11:30 Music time.  Usually Sweetpea will already be heading over to the instrument basket waiting for me to put on the CD player
11:50 I prepare lunch
12:00 the littles sit down and have lunch
12:30 Finish lunch and have a play while I clear up the lunch
12:45 Potty time
1:00 Sweetpea goes down for a nap.  Once she is down I usually put Baby J in the highchair with a small snack and I have my lunch.  He is super loud and vocal so I have to try to occupy him to keep him quiet to not wake Sweetpea
1:30  Play with Baby J, read books and sing songs.
2:30 Sweetpea wakes up some time around here.  She and Baby J have their milk and then onto the potty.
3:00  More playtime, sometimes I will work on an activity with them or sing songs.  We usually end up doing more music, read books etc.  Most days Baby J will take a nap around 2:30/3:00
4:00 Sweetpeas mom comes home with L and all hell breaks loose!  L is so wound up and excited to see Sweetpea that they chase each other around the house and dance and she whips Sweetpea into a frenzy. 
4:15 Sweetpea goes home.

That has been our approximate routine for the past two months.  When my mom is here we try to take them swimming on Wednesday mornings.  Sometimes we will change things up and have a play date or go into town.  I find that having a daily routine to follow is best for all of us.   The littles feel secure knowing what is going to happen next.

Of course as people with children know as soon as you get a good thing going they go and change everything up on you!  That is what is happening now with Sweetpea.  I think she is transitioning into wanting a later nap so we are experimenting with moving everything back a bit.  It also throws things way off if she falls asleep on our walk like she did today.  It was good though because the weather was nice and we ended up going to the park in the afternoon.

As the weather is starting to get better I'm hoping to spend a lot more time outside and at the park.

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