Monday, 21 April 2014

Catching up-22 and 23 months

I openly admit that over the last couple of months I've totally been neglecting taking pictures of my children.  Yup I have been so busy taking a million and one pictures of my needle felting creations that I have forgotten all about my children.  Well almost.

Here are a couple pics of things LJ has been up to.
Playing with his Very Hungry Caterpillar story stones.  LJ loves to tell bits of the story with the stones and the one with all the food on he calls Saturday.  Too cute.

Table setting.  This is a favourite.  It's hard to see but I traced all of the items in the place setting with a black sharpie so LJ know where to put them.  

He then gets to take out his leek and pretend to eat it.  Too much fun!

Land and water.  I simply cut land and water shapes out of felt and put assorted animals in a box for LJ to sort.  He enjoys this but knows them too well.  He is such a joker that he loves to put the wrong animals in the water on purpose.

Of course decorating Easter eggs.  He was so focussed on his work!

Not a lot documented.  We've been playing with a lot of new "toys".  I was lucky enough to do a toy swap with Sweetpea's mom.  She has some really cool things.  I will try and take some pictures of them for an upcoming post.


Anne said...

Elise would love that table setting lesson - I should put that together for her!

Motsie321 said...

Lots of great ideas! I was just looking for some plastic animals, so that will be a great idea to do when I get them! Also, do you have any tips for using the story stones? Thanks!

Unknown said...

I have never heard of Montessori learning until recently. I researched a little about it and it seems very interesting. My kid is supposed to be starting school soon. I may have to look a little more into this and see if I like this schooling option better.
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