Sunday, 20 April 2014

Montessori for Me!

I discovered the Montessori method when my daughter was about 12 months.  The more research I did the more Maria Montessori's words resonated with me.  I guess you could say I became pretty obsessed.
I'd like to say that this was all for the sake of my daughter and now my son as well but being completely honest it is also A LOT for me.   I LOVE MONTESSORI!  Yup there I said it.  I find the philosophy fascinating, the materials intriguing and basically all things Montessori just make sense to me.

Soooo as I wrote on my blog a few years ago I made some serious sacrifices and took the AMI Montessori Assistants training course in Vancouver.  Those were two of the best weeks of my life.  Yes my mind was blown over and over again and the course took me so much deeper into the real nuts and bolts of the philosophy.

However, I was never really able to put all of my research and training into practice.  Ok I was able to observe my daughters class and was even lucky enough to substitute a few times but it never really gave me the full Montessori experience I was looking for.

Until now that is.  Last week I started at my daughters school in one of the primary classes as a real Montessori Assistant!!  and ohh what a learning experience it has already been.  I am so completely blessed and lucky to have the epitome of a Montessori guide to teach me and guide me on the real ways of the Montessori philosophy in the classroom.

I have two months with this amazing woman in her class before I head off to another classroom in September and I am going to try and soak in as much as I can in that time.  To say I am in blissful heaven is an understatement.

So yes now it is time for Montessori for me!


Meghan said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I'm on a similar journey. I came to Montessori during my son's first year and was amazed at how it resonated. I'm taking to the assistant's course in Toronto this summer and looking forward to digging in deep for two weeks. Hope you continue to blog about your classroom experiences too!

Anne said...

Oh, good for you!!! I sometimes miss the magic of being in the classroom - it truly is the children's house!

Madeline Gibson said...

I did Montessori as a child, and though I have no way of knowing how I would've turned out in a different curriculum, I believe Montessori was what I needed. So we are going to take the plunge and put our son in a program! I've been nervous, however (since this is going to be a bit of a financial investment for us), about knowing how to keep up the same kind of learning in the home. I've read up a little, but maybe assistant training is the way to go! I didn't even know that existed. Your enthusiasm gives me hope—I am going to look into it!

Madeline Gibson |

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