Monday, 8 June 2009

Blog Beginnings

My first post on my first blog. Kinda scary. Ok here goes.
After having followed some amazing blogs from Montessori moms over the past six months I’ve finally become inspired (and brave) enough to try my hand at my own. I found that I would keep taking pictures of my daughter doing her activities and would think up a little write up in my head. After reading other people’s blogs I realised that it would be a fantastic way to keep a diary of my daughter’s and my Montessori journey and progress.
I was vaguely aware of Montessori schools and ideas long before I even thought of having my daughter but it wasn’t until she was born that I really decided to look into it to see if it was something I wanted incorporate into how I was raising her. After reading several websites and books I came to the resounding conclusion that it was.
I’m just learning by books, blogs and websites and sometimes I have no idea if I’m doing the right thing, although I do get encouraged when I see my daughter doing the activities and enjoying herself and also being able to do things for herself.
I’ve decided to start off with I will just write about and post the activities we are doing and how we (my daughter and I)both feel about them. If anyone is interested enough to follow anything that I write I would be delighted for any comments, advice and suggestions.

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