Monday, 22 June 2009

When it rains it pours...

Well it's been a week of potty training and what a week it's been. The old saying "when it rains it pours" could be applied in many different contexts. First of all I never knew a small child could have so much liquid inside them!!! Let's just say day one and seven pees in the first hour(none in the potty).Thankfully that trend did not continue.
Secondly, of course one always hopes for a quiet week when beginning something so important but instead of rain we seemed to be in the path of a meteor shower. All distractions decided to come at once in the form of major family concerns back home, problems with my husband's visa application, family colds and especially one very sick little girl. But we're soldiering on and all in all things haven't been too bad on that front. I just have to remind myself that washing a few extra loads of clothes has got to be cheaper than buying nappies.

I've realised a few things that can really help:

1. Make sure you drink lots of water. This way you will be constantly in the bathroom and you can bring them along too. Much less chance of accidents.

2. Try to pay as much attention as possible. This was a really hard one for us this week with everything that has been going on.

3. Don't take no for an answer! I think this is the most important one and I've learned it hard way.

I do have a really cute potty picture that I wanted to post but I think I'll save L the future humiliation.

And when the going gets real tough I just have to remember this...

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