Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pita pizzas

A few weeks ago we picked up some wildflowers and leaves on one of our walks. When we got home we put them in the phone book to press and ......I totally forgot about them until yesterday! Needless to say they were nicely pressed. We glued them on to some black card stock that I’d originally gotten for finger painting but it ended up being to porous. First I started by putting the glue on the back of the flowers and letting L put them on but they mostly just got stuck to her fingers. So then I put a dab of glue directly onto the page and she stuck them onto that which worked much better. We then hung the finished product up by her table.

L started eating all her meals and snacks (except dinner) at her table about three weeks ago. I set up a small table in the kitchen for her to pick up her food and to clear her dishes to. It seems to be working quiet well now although she sometimes doesn’t want to clear the table! I have to entice her by reminding her that she can clean it with the sponge once she’s cleared it. Last night was the first time we used the table for food preparation. We made her favourite pita pizzas and I put all the ingredients out for her. She loved it and after we’d put the pizzas in the oven she cleaned it with a sponge and we both swept up the bits on the floor. It was such a success that I’m going to try and incorporate the little table into much more food preparation in the future.

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