Sunday, 14 June 2009

Gone Fishin'

It's been a busy weekend and we're all exhausted. Just finished doing our first boot fair and all in all it was quite successful. I can't believe how much stuff one small child can accumulate in just over one year!! I also found some cool things, including this tiny tea set. I think L will love it and it will be fun to use as a pouring activity.

A few days ago there was a post on The Wonder Years about magnets. L isn't quite ready for that one yet but it got me thinking about magnets and I then had this brainwave.

Our own little fishing hole. Complete with turtles, seahorses and even a shark! We started out by me cutting out some fish and we both colored them. Then I taped some paper clips to them. For the fishing pole I just used the pole from her mop (which she isn't using yet) and taped a magnet to a piece of string and viola! Luckily we had one blue bin liner left for the water.

We tried it out and then L came up with the idea to also use her sea creature finger puppets, so I taped some paper clips to them as well and we have a full ocean with very good odds of catching something. I love this activity for several reasons. One because as she picks up the fish she also put them back in the container effectively putting them away as she goes and also the best part is it was free to make!

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Mama King said...

Great idea! We actually have a little magnetic fishing pole from a Melissa & Doug puzzle game.This would be fun and educational. Thanks. By the way love your site! So many great ideas. I will be checking out your archives. Thanks again!

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