Monday, 27 July 2009

Going on Safari

For Daddy's birthday we decided to go to a Wild Animal park close to our home. I really don't like zoos and animals in captivity but this one is the closest we could find to animals being able to live in their natural environment. It is set in 600 acres and even has an African Experience Safari where different animals roam freely.

Setting off. Now I did read on the website that the park was set in 600 acres but it obviously didn't register as we set off sans stroller. At the end of this path were about 5 flights of stairs down to the old manor house. Well we soon realised that it was going to be a huge trek. L the little trooper did a fantastic job and only had to be carried up the hills.

One of our favorite animals. We got a book about wild animals out from the library a week before we went so L knew all of the names of the animals and was so excited to spot them.

Trying to step on her shadow. She thought this was hilarious.

Out on the open plains. This was from the safari bus. It was so cool and as close as we'll be getting to Africa for a long time I think. We were exhausted by the end of the day but I think fun was had by all!


Montessori Moments said...

We went to The Wpg zoo this weekend and it sure does not compare to this. said...

Now that's a zoo! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Karen said...

OMG!! a SUPER ZOO!!! I looks you have a GREAT TIME!!! And your princess look very happy!! A lot of new experiences in a DAY!!! Nice... ah.... Happy birthday to dad!!

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