Friday, 24 July 2009

Silly mommy!

I decided to retire the chopsticks for a while and use the lacing beads for color matching. L is at the stage where she doesn't like change and will do the color matching but still asks where the chopsticks are all of the time so I brought them back. I was originally hoping she would match the patterns on the cards with the lacing chopsticks but we'll have to work on this activity a lot more before that will happen.

I also got this idea of spooning grapes into an ice cube tray from Leptir. L had no problem spooning the grapes in although she doesn't really understand why she can't just use her hand which is so much easier! But during the whole activity she was troubled, asking me where the ice was. Ice cube trays are supposed to have ice! Duh. So luckily I'd saved the ice and we switched grapes for ice.

She was much happier, although the activity quickly dissolved (literally) into a lot of sucking and licking. I just left her to it and went and did the dishes. She had a great time.

After reading Making of a Montessori Mum's post on circle time a while ago I got all inspired and decided to try having one with L. Well after diner one night it was just the two of us with lots of time before bed so I though yes I'll have an impromptu circle time. I got L all excited about the idea and put some instruments in a basket. We got the floor mat out and sat down and I began singing a song. Well after I'd finished and was all proud of myself L asked, "Mommy where's the circle?" Once again Duh! So I quickly grabbed bear and doll and added them to the circle. We passed them out some instruments and I did the pleases and thank yous for them. We sang another song together using the instruments and then L took one of the maracas from bear looking at me like, well he's not using it is he! We did a few more songs and then finished. L asked me once again where the circle was so I tried to draw one around us with my finger to show her. I realised it looked a lot more like a square.
So in conclusion (having been outsmarted by a 20 month old again) I'm either going to leave circle time for a bit or call it something else!


Making of a Montessori Mum said...

LOL! she is so funny and cluey. (:

We did not have that prob cos at her Monti playgroup they have a circle time and I think she just associates it with sitting down, singing and doing a little activity or so...not so much the shape.

Maybe song time, sharing time or something might work better for your smart chickie.

PS you can thank Little Bird for that additional circle time. Awoke at 4am and could not get her back down! Yawn! So had ample time to do a post this morning. After two days of a 5am start and one at 4am I feeling a little worse for wear! I hope she moves through this stage asap! (:

Cheryl said...

Hello! Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. It's always nice to "meet" other parents living abroad. Our location might be more exotic but I would rather be in the UK! I did a study abroad in London in college and traveled all over the UK and loved it. Lots of expats from the UK here in the UAE too. Ironically your comment is coming as I am becoming more interested in learning about the Montessori method.

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